Sunday run 3

Thought I would have a nice warm sunny run this morning after yesterday’s beautiful weather. The temperature was up to 9°C so I decided that I would dispense with one item from my winter running wardrobe. I chose the gloves! This turned out to be the right choice. Just as I left the house it started to rain, just a light drizzle, but very wet nonetheless. I had decided to try an old route which I thought was 6.2 miles, a particularly undulating challenge, mostly on quiet country roads.
The run was considerably wetter than I had hoped, and I was glad that I had worn my jacket and woolly hat – my hands, thankfully were not cold.
One of the most unnerving aspects of this particular run, especially it seems, on Sunday mornings, is the fact that the route goes past several large fields within which are a group of shotgun wielding locals. You can never see them, but boy can you hear them. I always imagine I might be a nice fluorescent yellow moving target, and if one of them was having a particularly bad morning, they might take it out on me! Madness I know but your thoughts do tend to wander when running – the constant boom of the shotguns made me run just that little bit faster!
As it turned out, my 6.2 mile run was actually 6.8 miles.
Now that’s more calories for cake later…….
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