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So as you know from my last post, our flight from Paris was delayed – it turns out that the actual delay was precisely 218 minutes. I know this because I checked on a handy little website called flightstats.co.uk.

My mum had alerted me to an article written by Paul Lewis in the Radio Times regarding claiming compensation for delayed flights so I checked out his article and realised that I was entitled to €250 per person. I also looked on Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert and found a draft compensation claim letter. It was recommended to write to the airline, but I decided to go to the Easyjet website and fill in the online contact form. I amended the compensation letter for my own situation and sent it via this form.This was 24th April and I got a response by 27th April – Easyjet even apologised for the delay! They agreed that I was entitled to the compensation. I was quite amazed because I wasn’t expecting such a quick response and I certainly wasn’t expecting them to agree to the compensation so easily. Result!
If you’re considering claiming for a delayed flight, I suggest you go for it – it’s very easy and providing your delay/cancellation is for claimable reasons, it shouldn’t take too long. You don’t need a third party to do it for you – they will probably take a percentage of your compensation payment.
Links to the rules can be found on the Paul Lewis Blog. Dont worry if your flight wasn’t cancelled (the legislation talks about cancellation) because the courts have interpreted the law so that a delay of at least three hours is considered to be the same as cancellation.
The payment is currently winging its way into my bank account (but for some reason will take 15-20 working days)! Once it’s there I will be extremely happy – I might even book some more flights………..

Update – money in the bank by May 12th! Happy times:-)

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