Pic of the weekend (weekday)

Well it feels like the weekend because it’s in between Christmas and New Year and no-one here is at work this week. I am adding several pictures here for you to enjoy! These were taken on 28th December 2016 on Wotton Hill in Gloucestershire, looking south.

Sunset silhouette
Sunset silhouette
‘Looking for our house’
Enjoying the winter sunshine


Pic of the Weekend | A hearty breakfast


Well I was going to use a picture of a puddle for my ‘Pic of the Weekend’ to indicate how wet it has been here for the past 6 weeks or so. However, I thought that would be a bit negative so here’s a pic of the hearty breakfast I had after completing my first parkrun on Saturday:-) Thanks to Bill’s in Bristol (this was the second course, having already devoured a huge bowl of Bill’s porridge)
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