It’s good to be back!!

Orchids on windowsill

Well, I haven’t posted on here since 2016 – but I have been paying for ‘’ all that time. Seems silly right? Just like when you pay a gym subscription but never go to the gym (I did that for almost a year too!).  

So hello… if anyone is reading this I would be very surprised, but also very happy. You are most welcome. We are living in very strange times and I suddenly find that I have some time in my life to sit here and spout nonsense!

I have actually been baking a lot lately and people have been asking me for recipes so that is one of the main reasons for my return. Over the next few days I hope to add some of my new (and old) favourites – unfortunately very few of them are good for the waistline, so I recommend a little exercise every day to help counteract the calorie intake. In the UK we are currently allowed out once a day to partake in exercise, however I tend to use my indoor static bike or run around the garden (I discovered 51 laps is 5k). More on this in future posts. For now I just wanted to say hello and i’ll be back soon. 

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