Fabulous Bristol Airport

Fabulous Bristol Airport

I apologise to all my subscribers for the lack of blog posts recently. I have no excuse – it just hasn’t happened.
We did pop over to Paris for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. This was our annual trip to the French capital (4 years in a row now) and its becoming a bit of a habit! Dave was running in the 39th Marathon de Paris – his 4th marathon. Flying from Bristol is so simple. Its just a 50 minute drive from home and you can park right by the terminal. Once though security there is plenty on offer in the form of shops, places to eat and drink and comfy seats. The flight to Paris is just about an hour so by the time the plane has ascended, and you’ve got comfy – favourite tunes playing in your headphones, its time for descent and landing!

I’m not going to tell you about Paris here – except that the brilliant Dave finished the race in under 4 hours. It was a very hot day but around 42,000 runners finished. Amazing:-)

What I would like tell you about is the poor excuse for an airport terminal that is Charles de Gaulle terminal 2D. Once we had travelled across Paris and arrived at the terminal, we found that our flight was delayed by approximately 4 hours. This was not good news but it was something we had no control over so we thought we would get through security and find ourselves a nice evening meal. Upon check-in we were handed a €4.50 voucher each to spend at food outlets, while we were delayed. We proceeded to Gate 67 and looked around for something yummy to keep us going. There was one perfume/gift/chocolate outlet, one drinks/sweets/snack outlet and a ‘restaurant’ called Brioche Dorée. This was an immediate disappointment as we had already eaten many pastry/bread based items at breakfast and lunch, so were hoping for ‘real’ food. Nevertheless, it was all that there was so we had a look – what we saw was this…..

Croque monsier or a mini quiche
Croque monsier or a mini quiche

€6.90 each – and a bottle of soda – €3.95!! We gave it a miss. Despite feeling quite hungry we survived on chocolate nibbles and a bottle of water and spent our vouchers on the flight (which was 218 minutes late) where we got a whole meal deal (bacon butty, drink and chocolate bar) for our €4.50 voucher. I don’t blame Easyjet – it was a technical fault and they have to be safe, I just wish i’d known about the lack of food outlets post security (there seemed to be quite a few in the terminal prior to security). So if you’re ever in Terminal 2D (or probably any of the older terminals at CDG) – make sure you eat before you check in!!

I can now appreciate even more than I did before how great it is that we have Bristol Airport on our doorstep.
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