Sunday run 2

So I’m back up to 6 miles.  I’m very happy! I have been struggling with a problem well known to runners – piriformis pain, and this led to many weeks without being able to run in 2014. I have been working hard with my prescribed treatment of stretching and rolling and have been seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis, thanks to the insurance I have, and I found it by being able to compare life insurance, and you could too, just click on the link. I’m sure many people would have just given up running by now, but that wasn’t an option for me. Running is key to my health, fitness and good state of mind. It also means I can eat what I like (within reason). It was very important to me to get back to the 6 mile run as the 10k is my favourite race distance.

Whenever I go for a run I appreciate how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and how I can just run straight from my front door and very soon be in the peace and quiet of the countryside. Don’t get me wrong, I also love to be in the city, but there’s a time and a place for everything. Oh…. and the time for porridge  is most definitely after a run.

Victorian letter box spotted on my run today. 100+ years old and still in use.
Victorian letter box spotted on my run today. 100+ years old and still in use.
Cotswold Countryside
Cotswold Countryside

Porridge, brown sugar, milled linseed, almond butter, almond milk and banana. Delicious!
Porridge, brown sugar, milled linseed, almond butter, almond milk and banana. Delicious!

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Sunday run 1

I managed 5.47 miles on my run today. Had an afternoon run which is highly unusual for me (that’s because I had a lie-in this morning until 09.30 then had to eat my porridge as I was hungry!)
I’m well on my way to fitness for the Bristol 10K in May. Dave ran for 3 hours this morning – well on his way to fitness for the Paris Marathon in April!! 🙂
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Woolly hat

it was windy and wet and I needed a hat!
it was windy and wet and I needed a hat!

Today I bought a woolly hat. It was for boys aged 4-8 years old. I wore it!! 🙂
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