My Naked Wedding Cake recipe

This recipe is for the 4 – tiered wedding cake that I made for my son’s wedding. The recipe can be easily adapted to different size and shaped cakes.

Amazing Toblerone brownies

I have made this recipe so many times and it is my trusty go-to if I am suddenly expecting guests or if the family are coming round.

Tiffin recipe

Tiffin treat

This is an extremely easy recipe and it needs no baking, so could be a good one to make with children. I will keep it in mind for 2 or 3 years time when my grandson is old enough!

It’s just nature (AKA killer tadpoles)

Every year around early spring, some frogspawn appears in our pond

parkrun – it’s free and it’s fun!

parkrun is free to all – you just have to register and print off a barcode to take with you.

Embracing contactless technology

I like to think we are a pretty forward thinking, pretty high-tech household.

If you love running - go and have a look at my blog

Up here for thinking [down there for running]
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